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    Still need 2004 Fleer Tradition!!!!

    I still need a bunch of 2004 Fleer Tradition. Let me know if you have some & I will send you a list of what I need.

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    Send the list riverdog. I am doing the set as well. I only have about 30-40 dupes, but some is better than none. lmk,
    Bobby Leonard

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    I dont do Paypal!! Check, money order, or concealed cash only. I sell at 25-40% of BV.

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    I have some as well so shoot a list on over.

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    Here is what I have to trade and what I need.
    2004 Fleer Tradition Trade list:
    362.366.374.383.389 SP's 410.413.417.420.424.441.448.451.452.465.474.477.48 9.492.496.499.

    2004 Fleer Tradition want list: 02.404.409.414.416.421.423.427.428.433.436.437.438 .443.444.453.455.
    457.459.463.466.469.473.475.479.480.481.488.490.49 5.500.


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    I have some Fleer Tradition. Please send me a list and I'll try to help you out.

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