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    2001 Vick SP Authentic 3 Color Auto Patch RC For Sale/Trade

    This thing sells super high...looking for a reasonable offer. Cash or trade. Send me a lit of higher end stuff you might have. Also looking for 2004 Autos/GU FB of:
    Roethlisberger, Q. Wilson, J. Harris, P Rivers and All Ohio State Players

    Scan available of the Vick to anyone wanting to deal.

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    I have these from the 04 Sage HIT Ohio State Box I opened-

    Michael Jenkins Prime Jersey swatch Red/Black/Grey/Black/white piece and it is #12/50 (Mike's Jersey # at OSU)

    <A TITLE="Click for more information about gamble" STYLE="text-decoration: none; border-bottom: medium solid green;" HREF="|1||||gamble|AA1VDw">Gamble</A> Gold auto #209/250
    Will Smith Gold auto #115/250
    Michael Jenkins emerald auto
    Craig Krenzel Silver auto

    I also have 2 Quincy Wilson Sage Hit autos from the other 3 regular boxes I opened up.

    I will trade BV for BV. The ones from the OSU box are exclusive other than the Gamble to the OSU boxes and book nicely.
    What is the BV on the Vick?

    PM me!



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    Dont IM me anymore or reply to anymore of my posts. You want to deal and then wont offer what I ask. then you make threats and act like a jerk. I saved your IM...leave me alone!

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    aww...i see he beat me to the punch.....guys beware of this guy....i told him i was gona post this on his thread so he tried to beat me to it....i asked him if we made a trade that we would send to bgray if it was ok with bgray due to the amount of the trade.....he went on to say that most of the mods were theives this and that...i went on to say ive done a few trades with one of the mods on this site and he still said the mods were thives...i asked for a scan with a penny next to the card(s) as he said he has 2 of them and he decline to scan em that way...he went on to use a few choice words, i wont say what they are but just beware of glad you saved your ims....make sure you dont edit them if you are asked to see em.........also i wont trade ebay price towards beckett prices....this isnt ebay,its SCF....if i wanted to trade on ebay,ide go find a site there..i guess this is just another way to scam people even more...anyone have any questions,feel free to pm or im or email me for futher details

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    Just my opinion, I don't think anybody in their right mind would would trade that, or find anybody to trade with b/c of it's value. If I wanted to deal it, I would sell it and buy pretty much ANY modern card(s) I wanted.


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    I kinda have to agree with you there Vic on that one.. The card is probly the most valued card in the last 15-20 years... If somebody needed to get rid of that they would ebay it right away for the cash.


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    Andrade is a complete liar.
    First of all he never asked for me to scan the card with a penny next to it.
    I never called the SCF mods thieves. I said that I dont trust mods. It doesnt have anything to do with SCF, just my personal preference.

    Andrade, if youre going to be a flat out liar, make sure someone cant prove it against you.

    As far as choice words, this pervert tole me that he wished I would come to near where he was so he "could S**t on me!"
    How repulsive is that? Thats just a horrible thing to say.

    As far as trading this, I have 3 of these Vicks, a 1 color, a 2 color and a 3 color. I have a complete SP Auth set with p[atches and autos with the Vick missing. if anyone would ever want to buy the set, I would let them choose what one they wanted in the set leaving me 2. Most would rather have the single color one if it is just to have a set since its cheaper. I am willing to trade the 3 color because I have the 2 color I will keep.

    This guy asked me what I wanted and I told him. It was out of his range and he didnt like it. I even offered him the 2 color one and let him make an offer of a reasonable price to him and he refused. Seems like being a sore loser to me. If a card sells for 100.00, I am not going to take 75 in trade. That would be ridiculous. Same with this case, just on a larger scale.

    I am willing to work something out with anyone for any of the 2 patches. I have scans of all of them. LMK if youre interested. I can make better deals if the cards are higher dollar that youre offering.

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