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Thread: Green Bay Packers

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    Green Bay Packers

    Want Green Bay Packer cards from 1960-2004. Any players. I have teams. From commons to stars, Rookies to trade.

    Kyle Brady rookie, Many others. To many to list.

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    Have tons of Favres,Greens,Etc... Some Vintage 70's

    Do you have any
    Santana Moss

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    I recently traded away all my Packers cards, I do have some odds and ends around the house from my Packer collection. I have some Limited Edition Super Bowl sheets from 97 and 4 or 5 Favre Starting Lineups plus a 97 headliner Favre and Reggie White lmk if you would be intrested in these.

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    bluegill-if your looking to spam this isnt the place...we do have kids on this site and i bet the site owner wont be to happy of your site....PORN is not allowed here

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    ASking people to trade is not spaming. It is trading. I have some Pittsburgh Steelers singles.

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    the link to whats supposed to be your trade page is a porn link

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