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Thread: Griffey Jr. RC FT

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    Griffey Jr. RC FT

    Hey i have a ken griffey jr rookie card for trade...the card is in mint condition and could easily get a 9-10 if it was graded
    its and 89 donruss

    and interest lmk i just picked it up today

    i also got a randy johnson Rc of the same year

    and i have a bowmen sosa rookie do u tell if the card is one of those tiffany ones...if anyone knows LMK

    any interest in any of the cards lmk

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    swim...---i saw alot of cards i could use...just not any for the griffey....i would like to trade my griffey for a quality card of a player on my home page.....but i would prolly do one of my gu's for one of urs....check my site out and lmk

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    2002 Fleer Tradition Alex Rodriguez Gu Bat

    this is the one I like...let me know whats on my site that you would trade this for....PM me though with it thanks

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    swim...i have that on hold until i find out if this one guy would like to use it in a trade.....if he does not ill make sure ur the first to know

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