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Thread: '04 Showcase Break

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    '04 Showcase Break

    Matt Schaub #597/599
    Will Poole #366/599
    Sean Taylor #10/599 (great for me cuz i collect thim but fleer forgot to stamp the front of the card where his name is at....would this carry a premium or should i send it back?)

    Jeremy Shockey #115/125
    TJ Duckett #14/125

    Tom Brady Showcase Grace GU Jersey
    Randy Moss Playmakers GU PATCH (1 color) #75/84 (this is a level 5 card!!! to bad it was only one color!)

    Shawn Alexander #39/125 (he signed "PS 37:4" below his sig)

    all are for trade except the sean taylor

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    Shawn Alexander #39/125 (he signed "PS 37:4" below his sig)

    what does this book at..i have a few vicks i can throw at cha

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    doesnt' book yet, just came out.....lmk what vick's ya got!

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    03 fleer platinum michael vick-white-alma materials collage(jeserys)
    tsc and ud vinage rc......also have a few patch cards of kevin dyson and kevin johson if your intrested in them...what kinda bv u puttin on the auto

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    not even sure of bv......i just pulled it a minute ago so i'm gonna check out how high his autos in other sets are....i'm at work so i'll get back with ya a little later on!

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    hey Adam, If you get the evans showcase auto lmk.. I dont know if you want ALL multi color patches but I thought id throw this at ya

    01 titanium patch variation jsy Michael Bennett 3 clr bv 40 #/84


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    prophet - i might be interested in it....still working on the evans auto...just gave up the farm for a xtra points prestige mike williams #ed/25, but lmk if you need anything else off my site for it

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    only thing i saw was the sanders patch but it said NFT behind it, thanks anyway!

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