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Thread: Trading page is back up

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    Trading page is back up

    Hi gang,

    My trading page is back up and running. I let it slide for a while, because I wasn't able to keep up with all the trades and keep the site updated. I will work harder to do that now; it's a work in progress, so stay tuned. Take a look, I have cards, media guides and books available for trade. Look at my www. afterward to see if you have anything I need.

    Here is the link to the trade page:



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    hey just wanted to know what pujols cards u have for trade. lmk and thanks!

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    Pujols card


    I think the only Pujols card I have is from the 2004 Cracker Jack series, card #3.


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    New stuff added to page

    Hi gang,

    I continue to update this page. New sets dating to 1981 have been added, plus books and media guides.

    Have a look:


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