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    Please someone who has opened Exquisite rate my box

    I was fortunate enough to purchase and open a box of the new amazing Exquisite Upper Deck B-Ball, here is what i pulled.
    2- regular cards Kobe Bryant, Allen Iverson
    3- patch cards- Steve Francis, Reece Gaines/Auto
    and the big one a Wilt Chamberlain #to25

    Just curious how this stacks up to other boxes out there?

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    Just curious, how much did it cost?
    And what does #to25 mean?

    Sounds like a great card with the Francis one.

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    means theres only 25 made in the world so if you look at my site theres alot of cards that have these #/250

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    the pack of 5 cards was $499.99, a bit much but hopefully the Stilit card will fetch me some of that back. and yes it means only 25 of them were ever produced.

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    Must've been the extra exquisite jersey? I got a Dr J from that. IF the Wilt is auto'd you'll get your money back. If not, i would say 150 or so. I posted my case break earlier on this board. Check it out. I have scans too.

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    No the Wilt is not auto, The only auto I got was the Gaines.

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    Really? you only got 1 auto? I bought a case and every card I got was auto'd, except the 2 jerseys. So, 10 out of 12 were auto'd patches. Thats a bummer. Oh well, Wilt should still net you 150 or so I would imagine. Maybe more, maybe less. Put it up now though.

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    Yeah, not one of the best boxes. Most of the boxes/packs I've seen they have gotten two autos.

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    Too bad you didn't get more autos but nice job none the less!

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    usually the packs that have 2 base cards had a good hit in them. My Wade pack had 2 base cards. It also had the Marion jsy /25 and the Bibby auto/100. I guess I got "lucky" by getting multiple auto'd patches in every pack. I guess I'll find out what they're worth on Sunday or Monday when my auctions close. :)

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