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    New TTM email request autographs!

    Okay so here are the TTM email request autographs so far. There not that old, all anywhere from 1-10 days old. Never posted them on here.

    Chuck Demory Autograph Photo

    Roberty Ginty Autograph Photo Inscribed "Nathan All The Best"

    Mack Brown Autographed Photo Inscribed "Nathan,Hook Em." (I have 2)

    Elliot Avent Autographed Photo Inscribed "Go Back!"

    Don Meyer Autographed Photo Inscribed "Nathan: Best Wishes"

    Don Meyer Autograph Magazine Inscribed "Nathan:Best Wishes"

    "Betty Aberlin Autographed Photo Inscribed "For Nathan Thompson", "With Thanks" , "March 2009.

    I also have 3 signed photos of Angela Oberer. One is inscribed "Nathan-Best Wishes." The one was autographed, and the last one was inscribed "It's great to have friends like you." She also included a little drawn smiley face at the end of the inscribtion.

    Additional Notes: Sorry for the big, huge, gigantic pictures. I don't know how to resize the photos. Please tell me what you think of these autographs. All FREE.

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