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Thread: All my CC for Sale

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    All my CC for Sale

    LMK how much ud pay

    i will accept paypal, MO, or cash

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    TRADING FOR (1) GREG MADDUX (2) HOF GU/AUTOS (3) 2006-2015 A&G RELICS (4) 2008 UD HEROES #D

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    id give you $8 for it - but because of your warning level i will not pay till the cc is in my account

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    thanks guys for the replies, but as I have lost a lot of my CC from betting, Im probably gonna hold onto it for a while

    And Cardsfortrade- If you look, my FEEDBACK has 48 positive/0 neutal/0 warning level is high from when I first joined this site and I "overposted"...I would make you send the money first as you only have one positive feedback...

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    hmmmmmmm.hes a hall of famer here lol.....warning level of 17 doesnt alarm me if the person has 48 fback...

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    thank you theman, The warning level has nothing to do with past trades...When I first joined I wasnt aware of a posting limit (which I realize I was stupid lol), but I have 48 positive feedback...glad somebody understands lol

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