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Thread: New RC for trade...

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    New RC for trade...

    Well, I have this RC for trade. I would love to get rid of this now, as this card keeps appearing, then disappearing, then appearing, and so forth. Here's the card:

    2000 Bowman's Best Willie Bloomquist (Seattle) RC #1474/2999

    BV: 30.00

    Looking for stuff in my sig for this. (Would be better if you have a tradelist of some sort, whether it be a site or just an attachment or whatever)


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    Do you have any Pirates cards? I can't find any on your site.


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    I have some 03 Chrome refractors on my site and a bunch of the Silver Refractors that are not on there.
    I could use the Bloomquist.

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    Patrick, need all 3 of those on your site....which silver refractors do you have? Those 3 on your site book about $9 total.....


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    I'll shoot you a PM when I get home tonight.

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