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Thread: 2003 E X Baseball Pack break!

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    2003 E X Baseball Pack break!

    I just bought 3 packs of 2003 E X baseball cards and got to really nice cards:

    Albert Pujols #81 (02/81) BV-$30.00
    Kerry Wood #16 (12/16)!!! NO BV!

    Lets see what you guys have to offer me!

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    Would you take either a Randy Johnson 3 Color Patch (White, Purple, Green) /290 or a Curt Schilling 3 Color Patch (White, Purple, Green) /260 for the Wood? PLMK!

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    Guys anything in an A-rod auto or low numbered a-rod? That wood card is nice and i'm hoping someone sells it on ebay soon so I can see what people are paying for it, so lets see if you have anything thing in an A-rod. thanks

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    two essentail credentials in three packs? how does that happen?

    Check my site for the Pujols! maybe theyll be something #ed you can use.

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    honestly I dont know, I was kinda happy. I just went to the store and picked out 3 packs from the box and got them brother picked out 3 for himself and got a GU Jersey /60 of austin kearns...we just got lucky with the packs we got...

    I really didnt see anything that really caught my eyes on your site i'm sorry

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    Sorry, no A-Rod's. PLMK on the Schilling or Johnson!


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    No sorry i really dont collect either of them...I'm thinking about taking my chances on ebay to see what price I can get for it...I think I might be able to get something decent price wise on there. but thanks for the offer

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