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Thread: Wild Card - Surprise Card

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    Wild Card - Surprise Card

    I do not have too many Football cards - I collect Basketball and Baseball mainly, but I received some various packs of football cards off of Ebay once.

    After thumbing through some of the cards again, I noticed this card:

    I know there is no expiration date on it, but I don't figure it would work now. Did anyone do this at the time of the promotion? Also, if I think it would be worth the hassle, I might try and email the company if I knew an email. Any help would be appreciated - thanks.

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    I used to buy all sorts of that wildcard crap. Did you pull any stiped cards? They have a number value on the lower right hand side. The idea behind them was you could send in say a 1000 stripe Elway and the company would send you 1000 elway cards!! ridiculous huh. Anyway out of all the wildcard junk I bought I never saw one of those redemption cards. sorry I cant help you out....but you sparked a memory for me today.

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    Thanks for the info - but I didn't get any striped cards.

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    I'm sure Wild Card is LONG gone by now. Last set they made was in 1992.
    You have yourself a $0.05 card! ;)

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    Thank you for the information. I collect mainly basketball and baseball, so I had no clue.

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    Actually Wildcard had a 93 set and they realeased SuperChrome in early 94 then went out of business. The surprise card was for a Raghib Ismail rookie, this was actually a hot itam at one time but like kr580 said its worth maybe a nickel.

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    I don't know if this is the redemption card for it or not, but I remember some kind of redemption for Wild Card where I got a "team set" of specially marked Washington Redskins cards with a Super Bowl XXVI logo on them. I can't remember if there were any Bills in there or not, but there might have been. Maybe they did a similar promotion for Super Bowl XXVII??

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    Did you try the phone number on the back? I'm sure it doesn't work, but it's worth a shot.

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