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    Anybody want a Ralph Kiner Autograph #'d 8/10?

    Just picked this up in a trade but I already have a Kiner Autograph so I am looking to trade it. It is from 2003 Donruss Signature Decade Notations #'d 8/10 and the front autograph also has "48-53 AS" as his notation. Not looking for anything special in return but would like around 100-150 in trade. I will also trade down on this card, so it does't have to be 1 card in return.


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    Want? yes.
    Have something for? probably not.

    Take a look anyways, ;)

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    i want it too!!!

    lmk if i have anything on my site i can put together for it!!

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    bdrr--Didn't see enough to work a trade.

    bravesfan86--I like these....feel free to offer a trade that may work for both of us and I will think on it.

    2004 fleer tradition diamond standouts-- nomar garciaparra patch 42/50
    04 donruss elite throwback threads nolan ryan/roy oswalt dual jersey (ryan swatch is yellow, oswalt is red) 16/50!!!

    2004 sweet spot classic sparky anderson red auto 13/25!!!!
    03 bdp ryan wagner auto
    04 classic clipping edwin jackson auto/jer /149

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    the ryan/oswalt has no bv.....but i am thinking $80 on it
    sparky- i dont know what the bv is
    jackson- traded,,,sorry

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    ill give ya the ryan/oswalt and the garciaparra for the kiner....lmk

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