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    Looking For 2 #'d RC's For My 300cc....

    LMK What You Have!

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    2002 Upper Deck Diamond Connection Kazuhisa Ishii 191/1500 136 $10.00 RC
    2003 Fleer Authentix Ticket to the Majors Terrmel Sledge 139/1850 120 $8.00 RC
    2003 Topps Chrome Refractor Terry Tiffee 202/699 215 $8.00 RC
    2001 Donruss Classics Wilson Betemit 246/585 106 $10.00 RC
    2001 Fleer Game Time Next Game Wilson Betemit 14/03/2000 112 $8.00 RC

    Interested in any of these?

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    Would you do the Classics Betemit and the Ishii for my cc?

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    Yes, I will, as soon as I find them. I just moved, and I'm having a tough time finding all my stuff as I unpack every night. My finacee boxed it all up, and she hasn't moved down yet, so I'm sorry it's taking so long.

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    That's okay, just PM me once you find them.

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    Okay, I dug up the cards today, but the Betemit isn't a RC. It's actually the Timeless Tributes parallel, #33/100. It's still worth $10, so let me know what you want to do, thanks.

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    That's still okay with me, I just wanted a nicer 01 cards of Betemit. Once you reply back, I'll send ya the cc.

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    Cool. You can have them both then. Just shoot me the cc, and PM your addy, and I can have them out on Monday. Thanks!

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