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Thread: Tomlinson jersey rc FT

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    Talking Tomlinson jersey rc FT

    i have a 2001 tomlinson pacific invincible jersey rc #'d 226/250. this card books for $60. card is in good shape and jersey color is white. i'm looking for some cool defensive players right now, but i'm always looking to pick up a nice card. I'd like terrell suggs, ed reed, roy williams, and terence newman. thanks-max

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    Hey Max,
    I know the bv is off, but I have a 00 press pass Brian Urlacher rc auto bv $40 I will give you for it. If not, its cool. I just would want a trade in my favor if trading autos for non-autos.
    plm & thanks,

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    hey i like the 2003 larry johnson finest refractor auto rc, the willis finest auto rc and the deuce 2003 sp authentic rookie jersey card. lmk if ur willing to make a trade for one of those. thanks.

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    I can do something with the deuce, is it the 00 sp gu jersey your talking about though?


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    this is the card i was talking about, sorry about the confusion.
    2001 SP Game Used Authentic Fabric Deuce McAllister Jersey $50
    lmk. thanks

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    yea we can work something out with that but it books $10 less then the tomlinson, what can I throw in 2 even it out?


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    if ur willing to throw in this card i'd make that trade. lmk thanks.
    1999 Donruss Preferred QBC Donovan McNabb Silver $8

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    that would be fine, please PM me your address and ill reply with mine


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