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Thread: whats this worth?

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    whats this worth?

    I have a 2004 Donruss Team Hero's Auto card of Sean Casey(card # 100 in the set) that is numbered to 5, whats it worth?

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    I really don't know .....however I would be interested in it.


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    Go on ebay and check to see what the card sells for. If there wasn't one on there yet, check simular cards.

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    I did but there were none that were numbered to 5

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    beckett will not have it priced due to it being scarce

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    See what his autographs traditionally book for and times it by some amount.

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    Being it's Sean Casey,I would say about $60-75 would be my guess. It definitely would be one to throw on ebay seeing as he's among the NL leaders in hitting right now. Nice pull!!!

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