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    Question Question about Orange bordered test refractors on ebay

    Just have a general question about these cards floating around on ebay.

    Why are they sold so cheap? are they fakes? are they the real deal? whats the catch?

    The BV is really high on them

    thx :xmas:
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    Yep, well I did bid on this one but lost by 50 cent, if you look at the bid history -stew181

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    I wonder how hard those cards are to counterfeit? I wonder if BGS has graded many of those? The auction I linked is in Australia (perfect for u lol). I have not heard much about these cards and it might be worth it to pick up some!

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    They are going for a steal! get them while you can!

    btw I have some daniels cards you might be interested in.
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    I will trade you a nice lot of 20 cards of people in your sig for those three cards

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