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    2001 Topps Traded and Chrome Starter Set F/T

    Regular- 228/265 BV=$70
    Chrome- 158/265 BV=$75
    Relics- 14 (including Puckett/Winfield) BV=$184
    Autographs- Damon BV=$20
    Golds- 31 BV=$100
    Refractors- 46 BV=$150


    Looking to trade as a lot. Need memorabilia like signed baseballs, signed bats, signed basketballs, signed footballs, etc.
    PLMK if you are intersted and what you have. Thanks

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    If you decide to break it up, I could use some help with my 01 Topps Traded regular set.


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    May consider breaking it up, but for right now I'm looking to trade the lot.

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    Alright, PLMK what you decide to do.


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    if you wouldn't mind trading a card or two from the lot, i'd be interested in any jeff mathis' you have

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    If I decide to break it up, I'll let you know. I believe I have the Chrome and Regular of Mathis.

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