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    Need some version!

    I need 2-3 cards of each player. Just cheap cards. PLMK what you have and what you need in trade (have some baseball and a lot of basketball). Thanks and LMK if you have 2 or 3 of any of the names below!

    **Main Priority.....need more than 2 or 3.

    Paul Arizin
    Red Auerback
    Rick Barry
    Walt Bellamy
    Dave Bing
    Bill Bradley
    Al Cervi
    Bob Cousy**
    Dave Debusschere
    Wayne Embry
    Alex Hannum
    Marv Harshman
    Elvin Hayes
    Marques Haynes
    Bob Houbregs
    Bailey Howell
    Sam Jones
    Bob Knight**
    John Kundla
    Bob Kurland
    Bob Lanier
    Clyde Lovellette
    Hank Luisetti
    Ed MaCauley
    Martin Slater
    Bob McAdoo**
    Dick McGuire
    Ray Meyer
    George Mikan
    Vern Mikkelson
    Earl Monroe
    Pete Newell
    C.M. Newton
    Bob Pettit**
    Arnie Risen
    Oscar Robertson**
    John Thompson
    Bill Walton
    John Wooden
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    I'm sure I have a few cards of these guys,
    Robert Parish
    Isaiah Thomas
    Wes Unsled

    Do you have any cards I need?

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    Are those the only three guys your looking for in your sig? If so I don't think I have that much.

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    Would you want these?
    1991-92 Fleer- Wes Unseld, Isiah Thomas, Robert Parish
    1990-91 Hoops- KC Jones, Isiah Thomas, Wes Unseld
    I'll also include another Parish card when I find one.

    I'll trade them for anyhing you want to send me. Let me know if your interested. Thanks

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    Yes, I could definitely use those. I know I have some Mavericks cards. Would you be interested in some of those? If so how much BV would you need in trade? PLMK and thanks

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