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Thread: kobe auto for trade

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    kobe auto for trade

    i have a kobe bryant upperdeck glass auto focus #d/50 for trade

    or i would sell for 300.00 sorry i know its high but its a gem

    now in trade i would need ONLY QUALITY AUTOS in return for this card , including SPX rc's of ming , amare , prince or gooden AUTO/JERSEYS or i would need 100. plus auto's and if i did trade down like that i would need 600. in trade ...serious inquiries only please.........thanks alot

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    well like i said , its not that important for me to sell or trade it because i like the card and wont settle but if someone wants it bad enough ill get want i want for it this case im the piper

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    it's not easy to get someone to dole out $300

    a card is only worth what someone is going to pay for it.

    it can have a book value of $1,000

    but if no one buys it, it's just another card

    CASH is king

    $1,000 is cash buys anything worth up to $1000

    but $1,000 in a card is just a value

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    i know that but like i said not a big deal to sell thats why the huge price tag ....just wanna look for a GREAT deal ...

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    i know but like i said was just entertaining trade offers , not desperate to get rid of it

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