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    The new Beckett Full Color issue arrives today

    With a nice shot of MJ on the cover and the Full Color pricing is great really helps identify cards easier. im in love with the Full Color new format! LMK if you need any pricing updates

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    could you let me know the bv of these 2 cards?

    03-04 topps chrome lebron james
    03-04 bowman chrome lebron james

    and yes ive got the new full color baseball beckett, the full color is sweet!!!

    lmk if you need any baseball prices!

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    Seen the baseball WOW Very Nice, Cant wait to see the basketball full color beckett some one else was talking about it the other day as well

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    Ive got it, its great, I love the new direction beckett took.

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    Hey BamaFan can you tell me what thsese book..there high and low cost please

    Steve Francis 01-02 Upper Deck Game floor/film
    Steve Francis 01-02 Fleer Ultra League leaders game worn uniform #'ed 052-450
    2001 Andre Miller SP game floor
    2000? Topps Reserve Andre Miller NBA all star warmup
    Kwame Brown 2002 Upper Deck Pratice Session jersey
    Rip Hamiliton upper deck Air Apparel 2002

    Also is any of the 2002 Topps Rookies are doing good. (the ones with amare,wagner,nene and them)

    thanx man!
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    I recently recieved the enw Beckett also...and i HATE it! I'm mainly a vintage baseball collector, and there is 1 page dedicated to vintage. No set prices, no common prices, just the stars. Also, by stopping the vintage beckett, i think beckett is going to lose a good number of subscribers. And remember, a lot of the money in the hobby comes from vintage cards!

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