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Thread: i NEED these players

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    i NEED these players

    i need every kind of rookie, gu., and auto that i can get of these players:

    Roy williams (cowboys)
    terence newman
    terrell suggs
    ed reed
    jevon kearse

    lmk. thanks-max

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    are you buying? i have some refractors etc. i can be reached at

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    I have a 2002 Pristine Roy Williams #156 Uncirculated Refractor /999. LMK if you are interested.

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    i got roy williams 2003 fleer tradition
    I also have 2 terrell suggs 2003 press pass je

    plmk if you are buying

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    really sorry guys, but the whole reason i'm this site is because i only work summers, so i have no money. i'm interested in all of your guys cards, if you need someone or you see something from my website then lmk. thanks-max.

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    i need your elway check my site n plmk thanks

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    sorry didn't find anything of the players that i'm looking for that would add up to a good trade for the elway. thanks anyway-max.

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    footballonly-im very interested in this one
    2003 Fleer Showcase Football's Best Jerseys Gold FBAG Ahman Green LE
    i can throw in some other stuff to make the trade more fair

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    i know its probably a longer list than you were expecting, but i like all of these. if u want anything else from my site lmk. (definatly still interested in the cards u mentioned in ur first post). thanks.
    Ray Lewis 2003 Fleer Focus NFL Shertified 007/175 (purple)
    Terrell Suggs 2003 Press Pass JE ****
    Charles Rogers 2003 Press Pass JE ****
    Terence Newman 2003 Press Pass JE ****
    Donovan McNabb 1999 Collectors Edge Triumph ****
    Terrell Suggs 2003 Upper Deck MVP ****
    Terrell Suggs 2003 Topps All American ****
    Terence Newman 2003 Topps All American ****
    Donovan McNabb 1999 Collectors Edge First Place ****
    Donovan McNabb 1999 Skybox Premium

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    I have a Roy Williams/Quentin Jammer Fleer Mini RC /125 BV $30 for trade. Let me know what gu and auto's in about the same bv range you have that you would trade for it.

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