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Thread: cracker jacks needs

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    cracker jacks needs

    This is what I need for the Cracker Jack set.PLMK if you can help/Thanks

    I haVE a lot of blues and game used for trade.

    Mini Cracker Jacks

    Please let me know what you have in the minis and stickers.I need most of them.Thanks

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    Hey, i got a few - ( due to the fact that topps did'nt include the players 1st name on the card, most of these will go by #'s)

    #41 Roy Oswalt "BLUE"
    #104 Young
    #211 Blake Hawksworth RC (first year) short print "bv.- $5.00"
    #135 Ryan Klesko
    #143 Miller

    Mini Stickers:
    #203 Blackley RC (first year)
    #213 Hill RC (first year)
    #176 Aubrey Huff
    #168 Young

    LMK what you need!
    Take Care -
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    Wigginton 68
    Young (Michael) 168
    Furcal 40
    Helton 43
    Cameron 137

    Mini Stickers
    Hudson 130
    Rene Reyes 190

    Base Set You Need:
    Aybar 214

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