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    What '09 ST TTM Success are you most Thankful for?

    Hey SCF.

    It appears the '09 MLB ST TTM season is coming to a close early this week.
    I'm still looking for a Dave Bush and a Grissom (would my 2nd) ST TTM return on Monday (I usually get a return 1 mailing day after they are posted on SCN), and possibly a Corey Hart (he had 4 returns on Friday that were 200+ day returns).

    What '09 ST TTM success are you most thankful for, or pleased with??

    For me it was the JJ Hardy return I sent for my 6 year old Isaac (return was addressed to him). It was a 2/2, a OLB3 baseball and '08 Police card; with a 8 day return time.
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    im not thankful for any because i didnt get any back.
    TTM successes: Penny Hardaway, Stan Lee, George Mitchell, Coach K, Ben Roethlisberger, Jason Kidd, Virgil Trucks, Hasheem Thabeet, Jim Calhoun, Jeff Adrien, Mike Mussina, Adam West, John Wooden

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    i only got one back and that was ryan sweeney, i was pretty happy about that though because he is one of my favorite players
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    Chien-Ming Wang I guess. The day after I got mine back signed a lot of people started getting theirs back unsigned.

    I really wish I would get one of the two Eckstein requests I sent back. He is my wife's favorite player but so far I am 0 for 4 with him. 2 Last season and 2 this spring.

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    Brad Ziegler, I am a rough 2/11 from Spring Training so far

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    So far, and this ST TTM season is far from over, it's got to be 3:

    1.Nomar Garciaparra for me. I never thought he'd sign TTM, but I saw a response from him on another site and gave him a try.

    2. Ian Stewart - signed 2 8x10s for me. I took the photo of him at Coors Field last season.

    3. Gordon Beckham - signed the 8x10 I sent to him.

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    i didnt get any i only sent to damon though
    Favorite ttm success are Mike Mussina, Bernie Williams, and Ryan Church. I am interested in getting a lot of Nats autos any info is helpful.

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    i got pretty hosed this year- sent out 31, got back 2- Collin Balester and Andy Sonnanstine- so Im really happy those guys sent back, and will really reconsider sending any out next year- that many failures isnt cheap...
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    I agree. this may be my last ST for autographs. Except for some good results from Baltimore and Minnesota it would have been bad. The most interesting returns came from Sean Marshall and Mike Fontenot who were sent out last Spring Training. I guess we can all wait until next year to get some of those back. it is crazy to think that some of our requests are packed up and left in Florida and Arizona until next spring but I guess they are.

    So let's bring on the season and especially those minor league teams that are always good.


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    I also got Bob Uecker (2/2 - TWICE!)
    Each in 2 weeks... waiting on the 3rd...

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