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Thread: Upper Deck MVP checklist

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    Upper Deck MVP checklist

    I have the two checklists in the set, but they dont have all the cards listed on them. I checked and they didnt have a checklist for 2003 MVP. Does anyone know if they just havent put it up yet or what.

    Also, does anyone know how many of the silver parallels there are. I know the gold are numbered to 100, but the silver doesnt say.

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    Does anyone know about the silver parallels? Did they parallel the whole set?
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    They did silver parallel the whole set. I am collecting 03-04 UD MVP and have several doubles if you need.

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    Yes, wrafman. Check out the site im my sig. See if there is anything you need. I dont really trade cards unless i have doubles, but tell me what your looking for and i'll see if i can help you. A lot of my stuff isnt on the site yet. Everything i need is in the Basketball Want List at the bottom.
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    I have at least 10-15 of the silver parrallels are you interested in buying for very cheap

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    20 Silver 2004 Upper Deck MVP Parallel cards #33,193,118,62,117,108,129,165,105,49,138,87,192,8 3,,31,69,180,58,45,198,107
    $4 DLVD
    #202 odds 1:24 packs Book Value = $5

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    $4 Delivered meaning that is how much the cards cost including shipping! How do you plan to pay?

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    Who is Marquis Daniels? I'll check to see if i have any of his cards.

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