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Thread: I open up a pack and I find...

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    I open up a pack and I find...

    This Topps Jay Williams card and it is surrounded with gold going around the card and on the back it says 04/99. I think this means that there are only 99 of them in the world. How much would this be?

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    jay williams isnt worth too much because of the accident his career ir most likely over

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    The number 4/99 on the back is a serial number for a parallel card. It means that there is a set of those gold bordered cards that goes up to 99. There are thousands of each of the cards in the set, or however many Topps made. So basically it doesnt mean that there are only 99 of the Jay Williams cards in the world.

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    what year and topps set is it? I can double check a value for you and let you know

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