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    W™™™ Justin Gage (2003 Bears Rookie)

    I want to trade for all Justin Gage Rookie Cards/Gu/Autos Trying to get all of his card I have some but not much so whatever u have I prolly dont.

    If it is a nice one I will trade OVER BV for it

    thank you

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    i got the 2003 Sage Platinum auto of Gage #ed to 40 bv 60...lmk if you will buy or what packers game used or autos you have...

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    very nice um I will buy I hve no packer at the moment how much u sell in for?

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    i have that 1 also, mine is #ed 10/40, ill trade for University of Georgia players or ill sell it, thanks

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    I am interested in all I WILL BUY TO IF I HAVE TO!!!!!!!!

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