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    top ten most valuable base sets?

    anyone know off the top of their head? Or, which ten do you prefer? Which sets retain their value the most blah blah

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    I meant sets or brands in general, sorry I should have been more specific. Like I prefer bowman and topps chrome.

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    Bowman Chrome
    Topps Chrome
    Ultimate Collection
    Diamond King (has been doing fairly well lately)

    That all I can think of for now

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    Leaf Limited, UD Finite, Playoff Absolute, Contenders, Honors...

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    If you're talking brands that will hold their value long-term, I would go with these:

    Bowman Chrome
    2000-2002 Fleer Greats of the Game
    Donruss Elite

    I'm referring to baseball. I picked these because the Bowman and Elite all have RCs which usually attain top value if the rookie pans out. Elite g/u and autos always seem to garner a solid price. The GOTG sets come with lots of autos and g/u of retired players that have already proved their worth and in some cases...these players don't appear on many more auto'd cards.

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