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    2004 Topps Chrome Series 1&2 FT/FS

    Pulled these just now. $3.99 for the series 2 packs, $4.99 for the series 1 pack. I think I killed the series 2 and 1 odds for the refractors....

    Series 1:
    #228 Kyle Davies AU FY RC Refractor 92/100 (Braves) MOJO but 2nd one lol

    Series 2:
    Presidential Pastimes Refractor John Tyler (Presidents)
    Black Refractor Scott Spezio (Mariners)
    Gold Refractor Bobby Brownlie RC (Cubs)
    Gold Refractor Marty Cordova (Giants)
    Gold Refractor Carlos Pena (Tigers)
    Refractor Jose Velarde (Diamondbacks)
    Refractor Brandon Duckworth (Astros)
    Refractor David Ross (Dodgers)
    Refractor Raul Mondesi (Pirates)
    Refractor Billy Koch (White Sox)
    Merkin Valdez FY RC (Giants)
    Chris Shelton FY RC (Tigers)

    The Series 2 Gold odds are 1:9, Blacks 1:19, Regulars 1:4. Definetly killed the odds for 14 total packs. Also, a guy who came into the shop pulled a Lebron/Jordan dual auto from an SP Authentic Box. We were excited for him lol. LMK if you see anything you like, or need commons. Thanks


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    I need the Mondesi...any specific Braves you're looking for right now?


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    I need these Series 1 if you have any:
    27, 40, 67, 94, 150, 200, 211, 216, 221, 223, 224, 225, 226, 227, 229, 230, 233

    I have a bunch of your 2004 Topps base needs.

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    Refractor Jose Velarde (Diamondbacks)

    Need this, LMK who/what you want in return. I dont think I have many vintage Braves, and I know I have to Willingham.

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    I need any Dontrelle Willis or Miguel Cabrera you may have pulled. PLMK.


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    Sportnut: Didn't pull any in that batch, but I have 03 Bowman Draft Gold and Chrome Willis'. PLMK

    Web4CyYoung: I would be looking for Willingham, or 04 Topps Chrome Braves RC AU Refractors /100. In addition, I pulled a Webb chrome and a Baerga chrome. PLMK

    Patrick: Sorry, none of those.

    Moose: Looking for Mathews/Aaron/Spahn/Carty/04 Topps Chrome Ref RC AU /100, Willingham, Marte, LaRoche. PLMK



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    I'd like the Presidential Pastimes Refractor John Tyler. Anything you want?

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    hollywdbri: Looking for Josh Willingham or 04 Braves RC AU Topps Chrome Refractors. PLMK


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    I don't have any Willingham, but I do have Marte and LaRoche, if you need any. I don't need the Baegra and Webb, I actually pulled them in my box today.

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    Which ones do you have? I also have a 2003 UD 40 Man Rainbow Lyle Overbay 06/40 with him in a DBacks uni. PLMK

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