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    I'm looking to get rid of some commons to get some CC for DewU codes. I'm not going to give Pujols or Prior type cards but let me know if there was anyone else.

    I'm selling 10CC / 1.00 BV and shipping will be extra.

    Let me know.

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    Here's a long list of not very well known people

    Chien Ming Wang
    Dan Haren
    Brandon Webb
    Hong Chih Kuo
    Adam Loewen
    Ramon Nivar
    Andy Sisco
    Felix Pie
    Bo Hart
    Casey Kotchman
    Alexis Rios
    Edwin Jackson
    JJ Hardy
    Scott Hairston
    John Danks
    Josh Willingham
    Matt Demarco
    Craig Brazell
    Jeremy Bonderman
    Ryan Wagner
    Rickie Weeks
    Delmon Young
    Todd Wellemeyer
    Dustin McGowan
    Matt Kata

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    CUBSFAN203: i sent you a PM for a possible trade with no response. I don't think it's worth my time. Thanks though.

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    I don't remember it, I must have accedentaly deleted it, sorry. What was it about?

    I really could use cards of those people, and I even have some DewU codes. So if you are still willing to get rid of cards of those people for cc, please lmk.

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    Hey Gosteng - when you need DEWU, you can contact me. Do you have basketball cards as well?

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    I do have basketball cards, but they are nowwhere near as organized as my baseball.

    Just wondering, why'd you quit collecting and also what did you need for them?

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    Gosteng - I already have my 550 for an Xbox, but I still get them from friends and my Livewire...habit, lol.

    I was just wondering if you had any Ron Artest cards?

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    Marcus Giles, I think i have 1-2 cards of but so far I haven't come across them yet. All I have of Willingham are 2 RCS so they are not for CC but will trade if interested, they are 03 upper deck and 03 ud 40 man. I have no Andy Marte's.

    Deadshot - wow you reached that ultimate goal. Good for you, I only have 100 something. Basketball is a long ways away before i can organize it and all. How much are you charging for the dew u codes in CC and also payment via paypal.

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    I haven't accepted PayPal for them yet, but that wouldn't be a bad idea. Right now, I have several people asking 25cc per code - so if you could go higher, that would be nice.

    I know you said your basketball was not organized, but do you know if you have any nicer Artest cards (game used, auto, inserts, etc)?

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