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    Honor Roll Tony Gonzalez #ed/25 FT

    Dont know quite what its worth, help would be appreciated. Id be looking for a baseball or basketball auto below whatever that value is.


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    what year is? what is the name of the card(deans list ect..)?

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    03 Honor Roll Base Set Parallel #ed16/25

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    I'd be interested, though I don't have any autos in baseball/basketball. Please check my site just in case there is something else you like. Thanks, Adam

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    sorry, there really isnt anything id need. thanks though

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    well the Silver is numbered to 200 and books at $5, the cards #ed to 25 are not priced in beckett due to scarcity but that should give you a rough idea.

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    well, proportionately that would make it bv$40, but im guessing it would be more around the 25-30 range right?

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    tough to say, find yourself a chefs fan and you may get that, and yes I did mean to spell it chefs.

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