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Thread: Check these out!!!!!

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    Smile Check these out!!!!!

    im looking to trade these cards for star game used or autos. or even graded cards of stars.
    the exact name of the cards i still have to get too. but i have the # of each player i have
    i can almost gaurante that i have atleas one of every rookie from 2001-2002 including vick rookies
    so if you are interested in any of those rookies tell me
    i am willing to trade 1.5 times book value for a card im interested in
    i also have these players and the number of cards of them i have

    curtis martin-4
    troy aikman-5
    kurt warner-8
    mark brunell-6
    isaac bruce-5
    ricky williams-10
    edgerrin james-7
    terrell owens-2
    jerome bettis-8
    keyshawn johnson-7
    eddie george-6
    torry holt-6
    kordell stewart-4
    tony gonzalaz-8
    chris carter-2
    steve mcnair-8
    wayne cherbet-4
    warrick dunn-4
    jake plummer-7
    corey dillion-5
    dante culpepper-2
    kevin johnson-2
    fred taylor-8
    some include inserts and rookies if you are interested send me the name of the card(s) you would be willing to trade and what you want for them.

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    Do you have any Kelly Campbell?

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    sorry i cant find any kelly cards what year is his rookie year.
    and no to the peyton mannings but now that you mention it i have a few of his cards including a graded 2000 donruss prefered card graded a 9 ( hes playing golf)

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