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Thread: Updated Football Tradelist

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    Updated Football Tradelist

    I have the following cards availible for trade:


    1989 Pro Set Derrick Thomas
    1989 Topps Tim Brown (2)
    1990 Pro Set Junior Seau
    1900 Score Jeff George
    1991 Score Jake Reed
    1991 Ultra Brett Favre
    1992 Classic Tommy Maddox
    1993 Classic Four Sport Michael Strahan
    1993 Pro Set Garrison Hearst
    1993 Upper Deck Garrison Hearst
    1994 Topps Isaac Bruce
    1994 Ultra Isaac Bruce
    1995 Pacific Joey Galloway
    1995 Skybox Zac Crockett
    1995 Ultra Rod Smith
    1996 Donruss Reggie Brown
    1996 Pacific Brian Dawkins
    1996 Skybox Impact Kerry Collins
    1996 Topps Marvin Harrison
    1996 Topps Keyshawn Johnson
    1996 Ultra Bobby Engram
    1997 Pacific Antowain Smith
    1997 Playoff First and Ten Corey Dillon
    1997 Playoff First and Ten Warrick Dunn
    1997 Playoff First and Ten Derrick Mason
    1997 UD Collector's Choice Corey Dillon
    1997 UD Colelctor's Choice Tiki Barber
    1997 UD Collector's Choice Shawn Springs
    1997 Ultra Marcus Robinson
    1998 Topps Tavian Banks
    1998 UD Choice Takeo Spikes
    1998 UD Choice Ryan Leaf
    1998 UD Choice Curtis Enis
    1998 Ultra Ahman Green
    1999 Bowman Aaron Brooks
    1999 Bowman Ricky Williams
    1999 Bowman Torry Holt
    1999 Bowman Marty Booker
    1999 Collector's Edge Odyssey First Quarter Troy Edwards
    1999 Collector's Edge Odyssey First Quarter D'wayne Bates
    1999 Collector's Edge Odyssey Second Quarter D'wayne Bates
    1999 Collector's Edge Triumph Patrick Kearney
    1999 Collector's Edge Triumph Troy Edwards
    1999 Collector's Edge Triumph D'wayne Bates
    1999 Collector's Edge Triumph Martin Gramtica
    1999 Collector's Edge Triumph Heir Supply D'wayne Bates
    1999 Pacific Jay Fiedler/Todd Bouman
    1999 Pacific James Thrash/Karl Hankton
    1999 Pacific Omega Daunte Culepper
    1999 Pacific Omega Edgerrin James
    1999 Pacific Omega David Boston
    1999 Pacific Paramount Marty Booker
    1999 Pacific Paramount Amos Zeroue
    1999 Pacific Revolution Troy Edwards
    1999 Skybox Dominion Donald Driver
    1999 Skybox Dominion Marty Booker/James Finn
    1999 Skybox Dominion D'wayne Bates
    1999 Topps Torry Holt
    1999 UD HoloGrFX Troy Edwards
    1999 UD HoloGrFX D'wayne Bates
    1999 UD HoloGrFX Al Wilson
    1999 UD MVP Tim Couch
    1999 UD MVP David Boston
    1999 UD MVP Peerless Price
    1999 UD MVP Champ Bailey
    1999 UD MVP Troy Edwards
    1999 UD MVP D'wayne Bates
    1999 UD Victory Dre' Bly
    1999 UD Victory Patrick Kearney
    1999 UD Victory D'wayne Bates
    2000 Bowman Marc Bulger
    2000 Bowman Chrome Dante Hall (HTG)
    2000 Collector's Edge Odyssey Shaun Alexander
    2000 Collector's Edge Odyssey Ahmed Plummer
    2000 Fleer Tradition Chad Pennington
    2000 Fleer Tradition Plaxico Burress
    2000 Pacific Omega Plaxico Burress
    2000 Pacfic Paramount Shaun Alexander
    2000 Pacific Paramount Laverneus Coles
    2000 Pacific Prism Prospects Dante Hall #'d 741/1000 (HTG)
    2000 Press Pass Tom Brady
    2000 Press Pass Todd Pinkston
    2000 Skybox Marc Bulger
    2000 Skybox Dominion Corey Simon/Chris Hovan
    2000 UD MVP Jamal Lewis
    2000 UD MVP Plaxico Burress
    2000 UD Victory Plaxico Burress
    2000 UD Victory Jerry Porter
    2000 UD Victory Anthony Becht
    2001 Bowman Mike McMahon
    2001 Bowman David Terrell
    2001 Bowman Chris Barnes
    2001 Bowman Markus Steele
    2001 Leaf Rookies and Stars A.J. Feely (bent in one corner)
    2001 Pacific Vanguard Prime Prospects LaDanian Tomlinson
    2001 Press Pass Michael Vick
    2001 Press Pass Chris Chambers
    2001 Press Pass Robert Ferguson
    2001 Topps Koren Robinson
    2001 Topps Rod Gardner
    2001 Topps Reggie Wayne
    2001 Topps Travis Henry
    2001 Topps Rudi Johnson
    2001 Topps Gallery Deuce McAllister
    2002 Fleer Tradition Donte Stallowrth
    2002 Fleer Tradition Ashley Lelie
    2002 Fleer Tradition T.J. Duckett
    2002 Press Pass Antonio Bryant
    2002 Press Pass Jabar Gaffney
    2002 Press Pass DeShaun Foster
    2002 Press Pass Daniel Graham
    2002 Press Pass JE Roy Williams
    2002 Press Pass JE Phillip Buchanan
    2002 Press Pass JE T.J. Duckett
    2002 Press Pass JE Javon Walker
    2002 Press Pass JE Daniel Graham
    2002 Press Pass JE DeShaun Foster
    2002 Press Pass JE Andre Davis
    2002 Press Pass JE Maurice Morris
    2002 Press Pass JE Antonio Bryant
    2002 Press Pass JE Josh McCown
    2002 Press Pass JE Lamar Gordon
    2002 Press Pass JE Brian Westbrook
    2002 Press Pass JE Eric Crouch
    2002 Press Pass JE Jonathan Wells
    2002 Press Pass JE David Garrard
    2002 Press Pass JE Kurt Kittner
    2002 Press Pass JE Adrian Pterson
    2002 Press Pass JE Jerramy Stevens
    2002 Press Pass JE Josh Reed
    2002 Press Pass JE Donald "Reche" Caldwell
    2002 Press Pass JE Maurice Morris
    2002 Press Pass JE Marquise Walker
    2002 Press Pass JE Rohan Davey
    2002 Press Pass JE Ron Johnson
    2002 Sage Hit T.J. Duckett
    2002 Sage Hit DeShaun Foster
    2002 Sage Hit Rarefied Gold T.J. Duckett
    2002 Score Julius Peppers
    2002 Score Patrick Ramsey
    2002 Score Javon Walker
    2002 Score Jabar Gaffney
    2002 Score Antonio Bryant
    2002 Score DeShaun Foster
    2002 Score Brian Westbrook
    2002 Score T.J. Duckett
    2002 Score Marquise Walker
    2002 Score Rohan Davey
    2002 Score Jason McAddley
    2002 Score Michael Lewis
    2002 Score Napoleon Harris
    2002 Score Andra Davis
    2002 Score Lamont Thompson
    2002 Score Mike Rumph
    2002 Score Kelly Campbell
    2002 Topps David Carr RC
    2002 Topps Quentin Jammer RC
    2002 Topps Rocky Calmus RC
    2002 Topps Travis Fisher RC
    2002 Topps Jeremy Shockey RC
    2002 Topps Marquise Walker RC (2)
    2002 Topps DeShaun Foster RC
    2002 Topps Alex Brown RC
    2002 Topps Michael Lewis RC (3)
    2002 Topps Terry Charles RC (2)
    2002 Topps Clinton Portis RC (2)
    2002 Topps Dennis Johnson RC
    2002 Topps Lito Sheppard RC
    2002 Topps Raonall Smith RC
    2002 Topps Levi Jones RC (2)
    2002 Topps Cliff Russell RC
    2002 Topps Maurice Morris RC
    2002 Topps Ladell Betts RC
    2002 Topps Daniel Graham RC
    2002 Topps Antonio Bryant RC (3)
    2002 Topps Patrick Ramsey RC
    2002 Topps Ryan Denney RC
    2002 Topps Freedie Milons (2)
    2002 Topps Tim Carter RC (2)
    2002 Topps Joey Harrington RC
    2002 Topps Ricky Williams RC
    2002 Topps Bryant McKinnie RC
    2002 Topps Edward Reed RC (2)
    2002 Topps Josh Reed RC (2)
    2002 Topps Seth Buford RC
    2002 Topps Javon Walker RC
    2002 Topps Jamar Martin RC
    2002 Topps Leonard Henry RC (2)
    2002 Topps Julius Peppers RC
    2002 Topps Jabar Gaffney RC
    2002 Topps Napoleon Harris RC (3)
    2002 Topps Ashley Lelie RC (2)
    2002 Topps Anthony Weaver
    2002 Topps Damien Anderson RC (3)
    2002 Topps Rohan Davey RC
    2002 Topps Mike Pearson (2)
    2002 Topps Marc Colombo RC (2)
    2002 Topps Phillip Buchanan RC (2)
    2002 Topps Ron Johnson RC
    2002 Topps Reche Caldwell RC (2)
    2002 Topps Donte' Stallworth RC
    2002 Topps Levar Fisher RC
    2002 Topps Lamar Gordron RC (2)
    2002 Topps William Green RC (3)
    2002 Topps Gallery Josh Reed
    2003 Bowman Keenan Howry RC
    2003 Bowman Lance Briggs RC
    2003 Bowman Bryant Johnson RC
    2003 Bowman Travis Anglin RC
    2003 Bowman Artose Pinner RC
    2003 Bowman DeWayne White RC
    2003 Bowman Tyrone Calico RC
    2003 Bowman Julian Battle RC
    2003 Bowman Cory Redding RC
    2003 Bowman Shaun McDonald RC
    2003 Bowman Ken Dorsey RC
    2003 Bowman Earnest Graham RC
    2003 Bowman Rashad Moore RC
    2003 Bowman Charles Rogers RC
    2003 Bowman William Joseph RC
    2003 Bowman Justin Griffith RC
    2003 Bowman Teyo Johnson RC
    2003 Bowman Chris Crocker RC
    2003 Bowman Justin Gage RC
    2003 Bowman Doug Gabriel RC
    2003 Bowman Bradie James RC
    2003 Bowman Domanick Davis RC
    2003 Bowman Adrian Madise RC
    2003 Bowman Siddeeq Shabazz RC
    2003 Bowman Dave Ragone RC
    2003 Bowman Mike Pinkard RC
    2003 Bowman J.R. Tolver RC
    2003 Bowman Brandon Drumm RC
    2003 Bowman Rien Long RC
    2003 Bowman Zuriel Smith RC
    2003 Bowman Onterrio Smith RC
    2003 Bowman Ovie Mughelli RC
    2003 Bowman George Wrightster RC
    2003 Bowman Justin Fargas RC
    2003 Bowman Jimmy Kennedy RC
    2003 Bowman Marquel Blackwell RC
    2003 Bowman Walter Young RC
    2003 Bowman Kaiwaka Mitchell RC
    2003 Bowman Drayton Florence RC
    2003 Bowman Jeremi Johnson RC
    2003 Bowman Lee Suggs RC
    2003 Bowman Roderick Babers RC
    2003 Bowman Dan Curley RC
    2003 Bowman Andrew Pinnock RC
    2003 Bowman Alonzo Jackson RC
    2003 Bowman Seneca Wallace RC
    2003 Bowman Taylor Jacobs RC
    2003 Bowman Chris Davis RC
    2003 Bowman Boss Bailey RC
    2003 Score Charles Rogers
    2003 Topps Kelley Washington RC
    2003 Topps Chris Simms RC
    2003 Topps Ken Hamlin RC
    2003 Topps DeWayne Robertson RC
    2003 Topps Bryant Johnson RC
    2003 Topps Boss Bailey RC
    2003 Topps Kareem Kelly RC (2)
    2003 Topps Terry Pierce RC
    2003 Topps Talman Gardner RC
    2003 Topps Anquan Boldin RC
    2003 Topps Travis Anglin RC
    2003 Topps Marcus Trufant RC
    2003 Topps J.R. Tolver RC
    2003 Topps Willis McGahee RC
    2003 Topps Brian St. Pierre RC
    2003 Topps Nate Burleson RC
    2003 Topps Andre Woolfolk RC
    2003 Topps Artose Pinner RC
    2003 Topps Jason Witten RC
    2003 Topps Bennie Joppru RC
    2003 Topps Bethel Johnson RC
    2003 Topps Kyle Boller RC
    2003 Topps Shaun McDonald RC
    2003 Topps Andrew Johnson RC
    2003 Topps Teyo Johnson RC
    2003 Topps Total Andre Johnson
    2003 Topps Total Kyle Boller
    2003 Topps Total Andre Woofolk
    2003 Topps Total William Joseph
    2003 Topps Total Brian St. Pierre
    2003 Topps Total Bryant Johnson
    2003 Topps Total Larry Johnson
    2003 Topps Total Teyo Johnson
    2003 Topps Total Tyrone Calico Silver
    2003 Topps Total Cecil Sapp Silver
    2003 Topps Total Chris Davis Silver
    2003 Topps Total Aaron Walker Silver

    2003 Bowman Draft Day Jersey DeWayne Robertson
    2003 Bowman's Best Anquan Boldin #'d 068/499
    2003 Topps GU Pro Bowl Jersey Brian Urlacher (HTG)
    2003 Topps Draft Picks and Prospects Collegiate Cuts Justin Gage

    2002 Topps Willie Jackson
    2003 Bowman Signs of the Future LaBrandon Toefield

    PLMK what you're interested in.


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    2000 press pass tom brady rookie
    2002 topps willie jackson auto

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    Do you have any cards of Quentin Griffin, Steve Smith or Dante Hall (RC's)? PLMK.


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    2002 Topps Freedie Milons (2)
    03 topps st pierre
    03 topps total st pierre

    check my site thanks

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    2003 Bowman Signs of the Future LaBrandon Toefield

    could use this chek my site

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    SteelersRock-VERY interested in your Mike Lowell RC.

    goingwild-Didn't see anything, sorry.


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    I know. PLMK if there's anything else you could use.


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    Carolina Panthers.. I saw you had those Fosters and Peppers.. list prices and any other panthers

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    im interested in the willie jackson or toefield autos

    i have a 04 finest mike lowell jersey


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