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Thread: Broncos Broncos Broncos

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    Broncos Broncos Broncos

    I need em, I have many many Auto's and GU for trade I really need your Broncos!!! I need Elway RC's I need TD Auto's I do NOT need PORTIS. I am trying to complete an Autograph poster of Bronco Cards I need alot!!! I alos need classic Broncos Auto's if you have them, Mecklenberg, Atwater, Ect.... Hell I even need an Elam Auto!! Click the WWW at the bottom of this post for my complete trade list

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    i like these. i just put my inserts on my site and i have soem cool TD cards. i also have a TD jersey. i have base cards of him as well. if ur interested in any of these cards lmk. thanks.

    Barry Sander- 01 Donruss Classic Team Colors (two colors from number in patch, very nice)
    Donovan McNabb- 04 Ultra Gridiron Producers GU

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    how nice is that elway RC? on a scale of 1-100 what rating would you give its condition?

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    I would trade you the Barry Sanders+ The Mcnabb, for your Elway RC. I would even Throw in $10 cash and 3-4 Roy Williams Base CArds.. LMK

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    Would you be interested in this card?

    Looking for Emmitt Smith,Ricky Williams and ANYBODY in a Dallas uniform!!


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    Back It Up
    Barry Sander- 01 Donruss Classic Team Colors (two colors from number in patch, very nice)

    I really really could use that sanders!!!!!!!! I have that Lelie SPX and I also have the Chauncy Billups SPX LMK!!!! I could use that BAD!!!!!



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    Back It Up
    I will do the Lelie/Billups straight up

    dont know if ur a cowboy can but I also have these
    01 UD graded Jersey Keyshawn Johnson
    02 Ud Authentics Glory Bound Roy Williams Jersey

    I could use the mcnabb jersey or the rivers if it books lmk thank u very much
    First and for most though i really want that Sanders if still had

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