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    You Must Know Before Mail to Colleges!

    It sounds like the NCAA has been cracking down on who coaches can mail autographs to. I have gotten two responses back stating the same thing. You must let the coach know in your letter or email that you are not in grades 9-12 as they can not mail to individuals in High School. You must also let them know that the autographed item will not be sold or auctioned with the profits going to any type of school or school programs. You will no longer be getting an autograph of an college coach without giving that information as they will not risk a violation. Best of luck on your collections and thank you for your help with mine! Laters!
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    Good to know. I've seen some college sites posting warnings like this on their athletics pages.

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    thanks for the heads up. does anyone happen to know what happens to the mail at michigan state i have sent to drew stanton, javon ringer, otis wiley, chris allen, raymar morgan, kalin lucas, and korie lucious and have got nothing back anyone know? thanks
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    darn i guess i wont be getting any of those anymore (unless I lie!)
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    Hey, I was just wondering. I am a Freshman in High School and I have received some back. Is there anything wrong with this, or does this not take effect until now. Please let me know. Thanks.

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    great to know, since I just decided to get into sending to college athletes
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    Good info. Thanks.
    You might want to make this thread a Sticky.
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    Good info but have never got any of those back yet ..

    There a couple Like ohio State that want you to fill out a forum then they send you one'


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