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    I bought a card on ebay and i need the money to pay for it

    the bv on this lot is $120
    I will sell for $30 dlvd or the best deals gets it
    lmk if you are interested

    Tony Gonzalez 2002 Playoff Piece of the Game FB -$8.00
    Vinny Testaverde 2002 Upper deck honor roll JERSEY -$10.00
    David Terrel 2001 Bowmans Best Rookie Card JERSEY -$10.00
    David Boston 2001 Fleer Game Time Unifromity JERSEY -$12.00
    Marvin Harrison 2002 Upper deck First team Fabrics JERSEY -$15.00
    Peerless Price 2003 Fleer showcase Sweet stitches JERSEY -$10.00
    Tavon Mason 2002 Playoff contenders auto rc #d -$10.00
    Fred Taylor 2001 Pacific prism atomic JERSEY-$25.00
    Doug Flutie/junior seau/ronney jenkings pacific crown royale triple thread triple JERSEY multicolor -$20.00

    also will through in this one:
    2002 Fleer showcase football's best jersey Jamal Anderson

    I will also sell each at 70%

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    how much would the triple treads triple jersey card be

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    that will $7 dlvd

    I also have this one:
    2001 Pacific Impressions Triple Threads #26 S.Davis/K.Faulk/Glenn TRIPLE JERSEY.

    lmk if you want it

    I will give you a better deal on both of them

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