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Thread: Topps Proofs?

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    Topps Proofs?

    Does anyone here collect older Topps proofs? I have three 1962 aluminum proofs, and a couple of other proofs I picked up off Ebay.

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    No, but i would like to .
    What info on them do u have??

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    I have alot of info. When I first started collecting them, I picked up a guide wrote by Alan Hagar that gave the history of proofs. There are a few different types, and with Topps, there are at most 8 proofs of each card. Most did NOT survive, as they were viewed as stuff that took up space. The fact that most were thrown out, and that at MOST there are 8 of them, makes them pretty rare. Most collectors overlook these hidden gems.

    I can give you a complete rundown of what I know if you are interested. LMK.

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    Yes I collect proofs. Which ones do you have? Rob

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