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Thread: Top Loader for TTM?

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    Top Loader for TTM?

    Hi everyone, this is my first post here and I can't seem to find the answer to this question. I sent out a bunch of TTM's today for the first time. I put the cards in individual penny sleeves and top loaders. A few minutes ago I read that often players will sign the top loader and not the card? Has this happened to anyone? I sent Bob Feller a card with the fee he requires and really hope I get an auto'd card, and not an auto'd top loader.

    Thanks for the input.

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    I used to enclose the plastic sleeve and got some back signed. I left them out after that. Never tried the toploader, but the risk is definitely there...

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    i always send my cards out in loaders and never had the top loader come back signed and not the card..... only a coulpe times i have readed reports of that happening...but thats the best part of the hobby you dont know whats going to happen to it when it goes in that mail box its always the risk you take...

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    Thanks for the quick replies guys! I guess only time will tell. I would think that people like feller would get so many of these he'd kinda know the drill already. Anyway, from now on ill write "for protection" on the loader just in case.

    Thanks again!

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    First welcome to The TTM Forum ..

    Never Used toploaders as you will see a lot of players just sign the toploader



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    well if you do that the best thing to do is put a note in asking the player to take the toploader offf to sign and put it back on ,but really if it is without a toploader i wont hurt the card.

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    I've never used a toploader. I try to make the signing as quick and "painless" for the signer. I haven't had anything come back damaged as of yet... For me, the signature is more important that anything- so I don't care if corners get dinged, etc.

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    I've never used toploaders or any type of protection for the cards, and I've never had a problem. Every time I send a card, though, I get hand-cancelled and that prevents the card from being damaged.

    Good luck with Feller, I got him IP, and the fee was a lot lower. Hopefully you'll get your card back signed!
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    i used toploaders for a few years and the only problem was that a few got smeared, but lately ive been putting the cards on the front of toploaders using photocorners to prevent it from getting bent

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    I usually send a cheap card, so I dont care about the integrity of the card. many of the cards I sent so far have been scuffed and whatnot. Or print out a photo that can easily be replaced at walgreens or cvs.

    the rule of thumb around here is that if you cant stand to loose the item you shipped, DONT SEND IT!!! You will hear that from each and every person here Im sure.

    Hope this helps and good luck with your new hobby... WELCOME

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