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    I need any 2004 Bowman cards. ANY CARDS! PM me or send me an email. LMK what you have. Thanks

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    have these #31,116,119,129,132,144,146,150,157,161,181,189,19 4,243,210,248,257,261,272,276,309,311,314,330
    and 299 and 42 gold sig
    and corey shafer signs of the future auto

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    I'm about to break open several boxes from a case of 2004 Bowman Jumbo. What are you looking for?

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    Im looking for any cards that I dont have to my set. Ive decided that since I just spent most of my CC on a deal Im gonna have to stop buying from that set on here until I get closer to the end. Thanks and Ill keep ya posted on what I need. Thanks!

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