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Thread: This week's buys

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    This week's buys

    Got these from the show earlier today:

    10 packs 03-04 UD MVP - James, Wade, Anthony RC's, David Robinson Monumental Moments

    14 packs 03-04 Topps Chrome - various base and RC's (no Carmelo or Lebron though). refractors - Keon Clark, Matt Harpring, Elton Brand.
    black border refractors/500 - Travis Hansen, Tim Thomas
    gold border refractor/99 - Tim Duncan

    I also bought these as I am doing the two above sets:

    03-04 Topps Chrome X-fractors - K. Brown, Dunleavy, B. Diaw RC, M. Banks RC

    03-04 UD MVP - MVP Materials Jay Williams, Winning Combos J. Williams/Eddy Curry.

    Good luck to all.

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    Thanks beaujoe,
    Here are today's buys from the weekly card show:

    02-03 Topps Finest - R. Butler RC (auto)ref, C. Jacobsen RC (auto) ref., Glen Robinson jsy/ref/250, Eric Snow jsy/ref/250.

    03-04 Topps Chrome - Antoine Walker, Tony Parker jerseys

    03-04 SP Game Used - Dwayne Wade RC/999

    03-04 UD Glass - Autofocus Mickael Pietrus

    03-04 Topps Jersey Edition - Elton Brand jsy/auto/99

    Got all of the above for $90 Cdn.

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