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    Did I Get Ripped Off On This Trade??

    I Traded

    2003 Topps P&P Pen Pals Leftwich/Palmer Auto /75
    2003 Fleer Authentix Pennington Auto
    2003 Topps Pristine Boller GU
    2003 Bowman Wave oF FutureDwyane Wade GU /250


    2003 Fleer Authentix Reg. Season Mike Vick AU/JS 4/135
    2004 UD Glass Mon. Marks Darko Milicic AU/JS
    2003 UD Game Jersey Name Plates Gold Steve Francis 3 Col. Patch
    2002 Donruss Classics McNabb 16 Color Patch /400


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    Yeah I Know... It's Really Weird but there are 16 colors that alternate, but it is like 5 different.

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    Depending on how the careers of Vick, Palmer, Leftwich, Pennington, and Milicic hold up, it seems like a fairly even trade to me. Of course, all that really matters is whether or not you're happier with what you got than what you had.

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    Yeah, I like what I got a lot... but I kind of miss my Leftwich/Palmer because I pulled it.

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    I really dont think you did get ripped off. You got one superstar card for each... the dual auto and the vick jsy auto.

    If you think thats close to a fair trade and have uses of ANy kind for the other cards.. I say you did great


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