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Thread: Looking for Rickey Henderson!!

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    Looking for Rickey Henderson!!

    Hi, I'm looking for Rickey Henderson cards! I've got quite a few, but with all these new 04 sets coming out, I'm getting really behind. Please let me know what you've got and who/what you're looking for in return. (I've only got baseball cards)

    Thanks for the read,

    PS- I believe my Henderson have list is on my www. Thanks!

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    Nobody's got any Rickey's for me???

    Man, what a bummer. I thought with all the new products coming out, (ie Leaf Certified, Absolute Memorabilia, etc) somebody would have something!!

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    I have a 1980 topps rickey henderson rc for trade i can send you a scan its in great condition

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    Thanks, but I've got a few of those already. LMK if you've got anything else I could possibly be interested!


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    hey robe we traded before and I have I believe his 2nd year topps card...I think its like $6-$8 BV....Let me know if you need it...Thanks

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    Thanks for letting me know, unfortunately I've got that one already. I'm looking more for alot of the newer stuff that's hit the market fairly recently.

    Thanks again,

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    ok thats fine i'll be looking out for you...i'm done buying for the summer so i wont get any new stuff in but if I see any I will let you know. thanks buddy

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    I have these Henderson...

    87 Topps #311
    90 UD #636
    93 Score #35
    97 Score #18
    97 Donruss #118
    98 Pinnacle Performers #46
    99 UD MVP #131
    99 Stadium Club #79
    01 Donruss Class of 2001 #68
    01 Studio #110
    02 UD #404
    02 Donruss #133
    02 Topps #'s 161 & 335
    02 Leaf #96
    02 E-X #15
    02 Fleer #186
    02 Fleer Tradition #294
    03 UD #97
    03 Leaf #25
    03 Topps #72
    04 Donruss Team Heroes #215
    04 Playoff Honors #149

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    I could use the 04 Team Heroes & the 04 Honors. I see from your sig you're a rc guy. I don't follow rc's too much, so who/what exactly would you be looking for? (Sorry, I'm kinda ignorant when it comes to rc's!)


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    I'm not sure what those two henderson book...I'm looking for cheap bowman chrome or topps chrome rc's(any year)...I like cubs
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