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Thread: NBA TRADE mavs/magic

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    NBA TRADE mavs/magic

    mavs get

    5th overall pick

    wizards get


    this is a horable trade. mainly because the 5th pick. but then again not the best draft year either.

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    You might want to change your title. "NBA TRADE mavs/magic" to include the correct teams.

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    I think it is a pretty good trade. This years draft won't be as good as last years for sure. If Laettner can clean up his act it will be a great deal for the Mavs.

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    i think it's a pretty good trade. stackhouse will prove to be valuable and laettner just needs to pick it up. i think the mavs did well in this deal.

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    the wizards are not going to be good.
    there going to need atleast 20 each for arenas and hughes hopefully haywood will start most of the season

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    I expect to see the same high powered duo of Arenas/Jamison that we had at Golden State (not that it will give the team a lot of wins), but they will gradually get better (they were plagued with injuries last season).

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    That's a weird trade for the Wizards but good for the mavs for sure lol

    I also really think the heat made a stupid pick and passing up Jameer Nelson for a sweet back up PG, and who the hell is this kid they got i never even heard of him lol. Instead of going for right now they wanna wait till 3 or 4 years from now?? stupid pick by the heat and now the magic gets the rights of Nelson go figure lol

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    Knight the heat didn't make a bad pick.
    you already have a YOUNG pg why do you need another that could be as good. thats just wasted talent

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    Cause the heat need to think about winning NOW not just keeping a good players around wasting time lol, They have a chance to do something now to make an impact for next season, they still need a big center back up PG and they had a chance to get someone who could step right in and help out. I still havn't met 1 person here in miami that is happy with there picks, Wright might be good 3 or 4 years down the road, but that's a 50/50 chance and a long time to wait, Nelson could have made an impact NOW lol. I don't know what the Heat are thinking at all man lol.

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    it wasn't the best pick for the heat. but rember you put to young college superstars on one team there will be probs all season

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