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Thread: Some new, and old wants

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    Some new, and old wants

    I am looking to trade for

    2003 Bowman Draft Pick Chrome Autographs and Jersey cards
    2003 Topps Retired Chrome Uncirculated Autographs
    Ken Griffey Jr.
    ~New~ B.J Upton(juz all his rookies)
    ~New~ Dioner Navarro(up)
    ~New~Kaz Matsui(up again)

    Thanks and check my site, sorry everyone the Cabrera is gone

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    I have a couple of Vlad and Griffey Base on my site..LMK if you need anything

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    how many ken griffey jr base cards would it take to get this:
    2002 Donruss Originals Alfonso Soriano White Jersey with Pin Stripe (192/400)

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    i hope u no that the soriano only books at $15. i dont no why u say alot. how much is alot?

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    Yeah I knew how much it book for, but Id perfer to trade for the samething or way in my favor

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    interested in this
    2003 Upper Deck Prospect Premeries Daric Barton Autographs

    check the site, give me some options if possible
    collecting 2003 fleer platinum nameplates, Pre-67 Vintage in NM or better condition and whatever random stuff I can find in your bucket!

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