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Thread: Jays ebay tips to selling

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    Jays ebay tips to selling

    Hey all,

    Although I am not a power seller of any kind. I would like to just share a few things that I have noticed helped my sales out.

    1)If you got a card that your sure can pull in over 100 bucks and dont mind spending the extra money. Add some features into this card. This is about the only time that I would encourage this as it can get costly if you are a more avid seller on the bay with the fees and all that junk.
    2)A description that tells about the card but isnt to long is whats needed. I have seen many people type up near a page of stuff for reading on an auction when you only need something along the lines of 5-10 lines for the card. If you are familiar with the language they use((i believe its html)) then you can do something like color code, paragraph well, or even italics the other parts to just show about what you require with shipping and all that. I have actually left some auctions just because they got way to much garbage and never summerize the card.
    3)A PICTURE IS WORTH 100 POSSIBLE BIDS. I cant stress that enough. If you dont have a picture, do what ever you can to get one. This will shun away 90+% of your bids because they cant see the card.
    4)Gallery... I know this was mentioned before but it just came back to me. If you want to do any features, do the gallery. It is nice if the person can see a small clip of the card, right on the page its self. That way they know what they are looking for.
    5)Dont charge to much for shipping. Most people that charge $4 and higher lose bidders because of that. I believe that a good standard rate is 2.00 for shipping.
    6)BIN, some people argue that this is a great thing. I dont think its the best, but if you can live with such n such an amount... take it. There is a fee for doing a BIN on a % basis, so watch out. I want to get the best exposure on all my cards for the best chance of $$ for it.
    7)Days listed.... 7 days is just way to long to list any card. I believe if you do 7 or 10 its not worth the wait. Most people will come on with a payday to payday basis knowing what they can afford. If you are out for a day or two, they can still see the cards listed((unlike the 1 or 3 day option)). This choice of day selection will also provide you with basically no needed time to list the auction because you will pass through at least 4 days and nights.

    Well those are just some tips that I know about. Feel free to post other positive experiences or argue mine. I am going to bed shortly as work has drained me today


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    lol nice post jay!!!! even though i dont sell on ebay......those are some awesome tips for other people to help with their auctions

    this post is why you are a STAR MEMBER!!!!!!!!!!

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    Thanks Adam :) Glad I could help out. I figured that with Jareds question and actually selling a few high end cards my self I would try and help out and who knows maybe save some time :D


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    you dont need to know html any more ebay simplified it not to long ago. but with html you can get alot more colors with it.

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    hehe, I guess I forgot about that.. Thanks Jon, you are right. To be able to do paragraphs and all that its simplified by ebay right now


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