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    New to the boards

    ...but not new to the hobby. I'm an in-season football card collector each year, and am ready to get going for this season. So far, I've bought 2 boxes of Ultra, and didn't get much. However, I'm expecting I'll be very active on these boards in the next few months. Just wanted to intoduce myself, and hopefully we can make some trades soon.

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    Welcome..I see you've already have posted in Meet-n-greet.

    Here's to refining your collection!!
    Perfection is not attainable. But if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence.
    As of May 2017 ~ STILL Collect the following --> ALL 01-04 UD SP Legendary cuts Mlb G/U *Also, Topps insert Sp's.
    1985T Mlb mini's issue(Canadian release)
    Vintage & Modern issues: Have old school players but want current players? I may want them, please Pm me.Thank You | GINTER G/U

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    welcome to the site .
    Collect Cleveland Browns/ BOSTON BRUINS/ Boston College Eagles/ROOKIES,Patches/Autos


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    IF you are looking for some good boxes,
    i suggest either the 2003 OR the 2004 football boxes of Donruss elite....They are loaded!
    Good luck and if you have anyquestions PM anyone of us!

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    let me know if you need anything off my site and if you have anything from my wantlist below.

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