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Thread: another elite break

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    another elite break

    i busted a box of elite two days ago and got a dual auto redemption of Keyshaun Johnson/Chad Johnson...the card will be numbered to 100

    today i opened another box and got the following:
    Matt Schaub #ed/500
    Keary Colbert #119/500

    lots of inserts (lmk what ya need)

    Face to Face Dual GU Facemask Chad Johnson/Marvin Harrison #51/125

    Lineage Dual Auto Keyshaun Johnson/Chad Johnson (exact same card as the first box!) I already sent in the first one i got but this one will be for trade I'm looking for a decent rc auto

    If i was a chad johnson fan this box would have been great!!!

    all are for trade

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    Re: another elite break

    Originally posted by akoch

    If i was a chad johnson fan this box would have been great!!!
    I noticed you didn't say "if I was a Keyshawn fan". :D As if there are any.

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    haha, true, but i said it cuz both the gu and the auto was of chad johnson! but you are right about keyshawn!

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    i need the auto and gu both check my site n plmk thanks

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    sorry didn't see much i could use right now, thanks though

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    thats a wild pull, check my site, I would be interested in the auto and the GU Facemask.

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    Hey Adam,

    by chance.. Did you get a college ties evans/bennett card. I could really use one of em


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