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Thread: Need Cubs AUTOS!

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    Need Cubs AUTOS!

    Need Cubs AUTOS!

    looking to pick up as many cubs autos as possible! Looking for current roster players, RCs, and retired/HOF players

    especially looking for Maddux, Sosa, Sandberg, Dawson, and Banks...

    lemme know what ya got. Looking mostly for pics in cubs unis (except for maddux and a few others) and would also be interested in minor league autos!

    thanks for the read!


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    i need the sheffield. I only have this though

    99 SP Signature Edition Auto Derek Lee bv$15

    lmk if i have something to add in

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    I have an Andre Dawson 2004 Donruss Timeles Boys of Summer Autograph. I'd be willing to sell it delivered for $10.

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    chrisbcubs...sorry, not really interested in ttm autos...thanks for the reply!

    bdrr...suposedly the sheffield has been sold, but I have yet to recieve the check in the mail, so we'll see on that one. If it falls through, ill let ya know, as I would be interested in the Lee.

    ALLSPORTZ...I am interested in the Dawson, but not really in a position to buy right now. thanks for the reply, and lemme know if you would be at all interested in trading!


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    i have a 2004 donruss team heroes Nate Frese Auto LMK

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