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Thread: Anyone interested in Kobe's?

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    Anyone interested in Kobe's?

    Here are just a small sample of inserts that I have of him. LMK if anyone is interested in trading or buying:

    2002/03 Authentics Heroes of Basketball $10
    2001/02 Heritage Cross over $10
    1999/00 Ovation Superstar Theatre $12
    1999/00 Ionix Reciprocals $15
    1998/99 Upper Deck AeroDynamics $10
    1997/98 Flair Showcase Row 2 $10
    1998 Collectors Edge Impulse T3 $10

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    23jordan8kobe- Depends which Braves they are. Who do you have?

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    leftyshan- Do you have any of the people in my sig? Or I would really need Bowman Chrome RC's, Topps Chrome RC's, Pristine RC's or relics in any sport. Those are my main priority. I am also working on a 2002/03 Finest set in basketball so if you have any cards in that set, PLMK.

    I also have a ton more Kobe inserts if you are interested. I believe they are mostly cheaper ones ($5-$8).

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    Also have a ton of base cards of him that I will also trade off.

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    Have any soap??


    btw, it turns out I dont have any 02-03 Finest Refractors. I must have been confused on the year for some reason. I usually know my inventory rather well, lol. Sorry about that.

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