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    Looking for Miami Dolphins cards...

    Looking for all kinds of Dolphins cards, Inserts/Base etc,
    Current or Former players in there Dolphins uniform...

    Post what ya have and check my trade lists to make some trades, thnxs.

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    99 CE Triumph "Signed, Sealed and Delivered" auto of former dolphin Cecil Collins. interested?

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    i have alot of dolphins gameused and autos and inserts and serial# but i didnt really see any of my wantlist in my signature.
    Collect Cleveland Browns/ BOSTON BRUINS/ Boston College Eagles/ROOKIES,Patches/Autos


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    bilsd1818 - See anything on my trade lists for it?

    jonsportscardz - Yea i have been mostly into basketball for a while and havn't really been buying much football, but i will start to tho lol

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    I like any of these
    2003 Upper Deck Rookie Innovation Patch Collection
    Chris Brown Card# 140.
    03-04 Topps Bazooka
    Chris Kaman Bazooka Beginnings Jersey Card (red swatch).
    03-04 Topps Rookie Matrix Triple Rookies


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    Miami Dolphins

    Serial Numbered:
    00 topps stars #83 brian griese 048/299
    02 fleer platinum "platinum finish #120 orande gadsen 099/100
    02 score final score #119 travis minor 074/100
    03 fleer focus numbers decade jay fiedler 5/10! only 10 exist!

    Game Used:
    01 Fleer Tradition Rookie Retro Threads 3-Colors (orange/white/green)
    01 Playoff Honors Rookie Tandems Jerseys #RT7 Josh Heupel/Travis Minor (both Green)

    i collect steelers

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    bilsd1818 - Was the card signed on any card or was it pulled out of a pack? also is he in a Dolphins uniform?

    SteelersRock2453 - See anything on my trade lists you'd like to trade for?

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    Josh Beckett 2004 Diamond Kings JSY/Bat 20/50 Card# 8
    Mike Lowell 2004 Diamond Kings JSY/Bat 41/50 Card# 149
    Dontrelle Willis 2004 Donruss Timeless Treasures Rookie Year Jersey 19/35 Card# RY-38
    Dontrelle Willis 2004 Diamond Kings JSY/Bat 39/50 Card# 44

    thats all i could use lmk thanks

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    i have 135 dolphins cards from 1989 to today total bv is about $40.00

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    SteelersRock2453 - Sorry that's from my Personal Collection that's not for trade or sale lol

    beaujoe - Only really looking to trade right now, i figure everyone has Inserts and Base from the dolphins lol

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